Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance is a new type of insurance for our digital world. It is also known as data insurance, privacy & blackmail insurance or database insurance.


What is Management Liability Insurance?

Management Liability is there to protect the business against some common internal threats. Management liability insurance includes a combination of several benefits.


Car Insurance Explained

Car insurance is something few people think about. It’s a case of get the paperwork, pay it, forget it. Then when they’re in a crash the insurer tells them how they’re insured wrong, and they’re left in the lurch.


What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public liability insurance is a common insurance policy that organisations or individuals take out to protect against any liability they may face from a third party regarding any business-related activity.


Eight Simple Tips To Improve Your Insurance Coverage

Sometimes it seems like insurance companies go out of their way to make things confusing or to ask strange questions. So here are 8 easy ways to get more out of your insurance.


General Property Insurance – Tools Of The Trade Insurance

There’s an old saying “give us the tools and we’ll the finish the job.” As far as sayings go, it’s a pretty accurate picture of how life works.


Cyber Crime: Where Does Your Business Stand?

Technology has become an embedded part of modern business, consider the nature of your company and its reliance on email correspondence, computer software, internet sales processing, electronic data storing or even social media.


What Is An Insurance Excess

The idea behind insurance is fairly simple; it’s an ongoing gamble where you only “win” money once you “lose” the game. Put in another way, it allows you to pay a fee so that a different company will foot the bill when particular circumstances are met (like crashing your car).


6 Types Of Insurance You Need For Your Business

When you start a business, you are at risk. Lawsuits can come to you from the most unlikely sources. Therefore, you’re going to need insurance. Now, you might question. What are the small business insurance requirements?


Don’t Let A Bad Month Close The Doors To Your Business

Owning a business comes with a range of pressures, none of which compare to the financial strains that are brought on as a result of poor cash flow.