More and more people are seeing the value in investment properties, as opposed to investments in riskier assets. As investment properties are typically the largest investment that people will make outside of their personal homes and businesses, it is important to have a solid grasp on the key terms in relation to home insurance policies.


Contents refers to the belongings at your house. Insurance policies differ greatly in terms of when cover does and does not apply, especially in terms of flooding, theft, accidental damage, fire and storms.

Strata Title

Strata title is a form of ownership whereby multiple dwellings within the same complex can be owned by different people, with some shared areas held in common. Typically, a body corporate or strata company will be responsible for the non-individual areas, with rules and policies requiring compliance for factors such as appearance, cleanliness and maintenance.

Landlord’s Liability

Landlord’s liability is established in order to protect landlords in the event of a tenant becoming injured while living on your premises. This is an essential component of investment property insurance, especially considering how much time a tenant will spend at your property! Unfortunately, most people tend to forget this insurance product. Landlord’s liability is also important when dealing with strata titles, which may not have clear liability laid out.

Tenant Default

Tenant default refers to the failure of a tenant to pay rent due in a timely manner. Often, such events are “smoothed” over with requirements for deposits paid in advance. Likewise, there are very clear rules and notification periods set out in relevant state laws for how tenants and owners can rectify the default, which can involve eviction.
With these basic terms in mind, you can now navigate investment property matters in a more informed manner. Get in contact with us today if you feel that you would like to discuss your level and types of protection – it never hurts to check!