If you have an insurance claim, we’ll be there to make sure you’re looked after. From time to time, however, the insurer will appoint an investigator to the claim.

This may be for a variety of reasons, but not everyone realises that these investigators will look at everything they can get their hands on to determine the validity of what’s in front of them – including your Facebook or social media accounts.

Insurance fraud is a serious crime – and it can make for a very embarrassing phone call to be asked why you were tagged in a photo on a Jet Ski last weekend which you reported as stolen 2 months ago.

It may be as simple as uploading pictures taken from a few months ago – but you will still have to explain yourself.  Be careful of posts – even in jest – about items that have been stolen or damaged – if it gives a different story to the one lodged with the insurer, your claim just got a bit more complicated than it needed to!