Business Contents Insurance

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What is Business Contents Insurance?

Business contents and property insurance protects the physical assets of your business. It is part of a Business Insurance package that can be arranged for your business.
The physical assets of your business include a the building you work from (if you are the property owner,) your fitout (if leasing), your contents and stock. Business contents and property insurance ensures that your property is insured against incidents such as fire damage and can be extended to include accidental damage or flood coverage (depending on your location). Unlike Home and content insurance, business contents and property insurance can be customized to fit your business and the perils you may face.
It is important to note that, unless specified, everything is insured under you at your specified business address ONLY. For a mobile tradesman, or a sales force on the ground carrying expensive company equipment such as tablets or laptops it is best to arrange General Property Insurance (also called Tools of Trade Insurance) to protect these items for both theft and damage while away from the location.

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