Commercial Motor Insurance

At Consolidated Insurance Brokers we specialise in Commercial Motor Insurance!

What is commercial motor insurance?

Commercial motor insurance is a type of insurance for vehicles that are used in a business. This includes almost every business ranging from couriers and tradesman who might be on the road every day, to less frequently used office cars or business trailers. It can insured both the vehicle itself for damage and also damage that the vehicle causes to other cars or property.

Commercial motor insurance has a number of helpful additional benefits that vary with the insurer such as extra payouts on finance owing, on towing costs or for items falling off your vehicle damaging something else.

Who needs commercial motor insurance?

Every registered vehicle on the road should at minimum have “Third Party Insurance,” which covers the costs someone else incurs if you crash into their property. Third Party Insurance is very affordable and often a wise financial choice; with cars becoming increasingly electronic and difficult to repair, a small accident you cause can quickly grow to over $10,000 of damages. We also recommend upgrading to “Comprehensive” cover, which then also insures damage to your own vehicle to keep your business running at peak efficiency.

How can CIB help?

At CIB we have a panel of insurers who offer high quality commercial motor insurance, backed by a fair and reliable claims service. We can take your information and advise on you which insurers will be able to assist, and negotiate a fair deal for your business.

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