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Excavator Machinery Insurance is different to Motor Insurance. When you insure bobcats, excavators, machinery or cranes, you need to make sure you cover three important things:

  1. “I want to cover damage to my equipment!”
    Just like a car insurance, you want to make sure you can get your plant fixed if you have an accident of any sort.  If the insurer writes the equipment off, you want to make sure your payment is enough to settle any finance.  Of course, you want to make sure this happens no matter who is at fault!
  2. “If my machine is damaged, I still need to eat!”
    Your equipment is your business, your livelihood.  Every moment it is off site, you are not making money.  But – your expenses continue, and the bank wants those lease payments!  A good plant policy will help you with this.  You might choose to insure for a hired replacement machine, or you might insure your loan repayments.  You might even insure a weekly income so you can choose to spend it how you want.
  3. “What if I damage something, or hurt someone?”
    Even scarier than losing your livelihood is destroying someone else’s!  If you have an accident and injure someone on a job site, or destroy their machine, you will be liable.  Public Liability insurance covers you for this – as long as it is not on a public road.
plant machinery bobcat

What Optional Covers are available?

If you work on or near public roads, you will have a conditional registration for your plant.  If you do, you need to add “Road Risk Liability” onto your plant policy for those machines. Public Liability Insurance & Road Risk Liability work together to protect you if you are sued – either on the job site, or on a road.

Your plant policy can do these three things, and more:

  1. You might have to insure plant that belongs to someone else.  Plant polices have an option for “Hired in Plant” – and this might be a lot cheaper than the insurance options the hiring company wants to charge you!
  2. You might be the person doing the hiring; Dry Hire.  You want to make sure your equipment is covered no matter who is using it.  If you do not know who will be driving your excavator, the last thing you want is an exclusion for the driver being on drugs!
  3. Wet Hire; If your business is hiring equipment, your plant policy can protect you as long as you are taking active steps to protect your equipment.

How can CIB help?

We will work on your behalf to find tailored excavator machinery insurance that matches your needs. We will help you Get the right cover for your business regardless of the work you do.

Your Insurance Broker works for you. Every year your CIB broker will get an insurance quote from each of our 6 reputable excavator machinery insurers. It is our job to work with the insurer during the claim process and to pay your claim, and help you understand how your policy works so you get the most out of it.

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