Farm Insurance

At Consolidated Insurance Brokers we specialise in Farm Insurance!

What is a Farm Insurance Package?

Everyone’s farm is different and you need a unique insurance product to cover the variety of risks on your particular property. Farms are often a combination of domestic assets such as the homestead, personal contents and even private use vehicles or boats, as well as income producing business assets such as sheds and equipment, as well as stock or crops. A Farm Insurance Package is a combination of many different insurances to cover these various assets against a range of risks.
You can pick and choose what you would like to insure (e.g. your entire boundary fenceline, or just a specific limit or “first loss”). Both personal vehicles and farm vehicles can be insured, as well as machinery and equipment against breakdown or theft. You can insure your livestock against major risks such as fire/impact, or key stud stock against more comprehensive risks such as accident, illness or in transit. Importantly, your legal liability is also insured protecting you against lawsuits from anyone injured on your property or from your produce.

Who Needs Farm Insurance?

Anyone who owns a farm! This can include non-income producing hobby farms, through to commercial enterprises and anywhere in between. If you run a farm holiday or host stay, you should definitely talk to a broker to make sure your liability is covered for people visiting your property. If you have specialist equipment or infrastructure (e.g. glasshouses) – then you need to make sure you talk to someone who can explain the different risks and what is available for you as well as what it will cost. This can help you make an educated decision about whether to buy a policy, or self-insure a particular risk.