Consolidated Insurance Brokers is your local Queensland based Home and Contents Insurance Broker.

We know what it’s like trying to find the best policy to protect your home, and we are here to help! Your home is your most important asset, and understanding what home insurance covers is critical in making an informed decision about your policy. We can help with that.

On TV & the internet, advertisements focus on price and rarely mention the type and quality of cover they are selling. Home and Contents insurance covers your most personal assets: your residence and your belongings.

Whether you own a house or rent a unit, you need this cover.

Home and Contents Insurance policies fall under two general policy definitions:

Home & Contents Insurance is pretty straightforward with three major sections:

  1. Building: Covers your physical home/house for accidental damage.
  2. Contents: Covers your possessions, or the ‘contents’ of your home. This includes furniture, clothing, jewellery, and more.
  3. Liability: Covers your legal liability for incidents that occur on your property (e.g. someone trips and injures themselves and sues you)

Many direct insurers offer an optional “At Home Accidental Damage Cover” on listed events policies. Some insurers such as YOUI (PDS–23/05/2016) limit this cover to $5,000.

On the other hand, a broker Accidental Damage policy protects contents not only in your home but anywhere in the world. For instance, someone steals your watch or laptop while on holiday? No problem, that will be covered.

These policies won’t place limitations on valuable items such as hearing aids or jewellery, giving you peace of mind anytime anywhere.

home and contents insurance

Who Needs Home and Contents Insurance?

Everyone! Whether you own or rent, protecting your assets is essential.

If nothing else, the often overlooked part of home insurance is that it includes personal liability cover. So if someone injures themselves at your home, it protects you against legal costs and the strain of a lawsuit.

Our Accidental Damage policies will generally extend this liability cover Australia-wide. For example, if you have a BBQ at the local park and accidentally start a fire – it will cover you.

How can CIB help?

Your Insurance Broker works for you.  You pay our fee, and the commission we take comes from the premium you pay.  Your CIB invoice lists exactly what we earn; no secret commissions, only full disclosure.

Every year your CIB broker will get an insurance quote from each of our 9 reputable Australian insurers. In addition, it is our job to work with the insurer during the claim process and to pay your claim. We help you understand how your policy works so you get the most out of it.

At CIB we work on your behalf to source a true Broker Accidental Damage policy that protects your home from all risks, including flood damage.

Over the years, we’ve built relationships with a panel of 9 preferred home insurers based on trust and great claims experiences. No matter what, we can help you Get the right cover for your home.

Do you have an investment property you need to protect? We can help with that too! Find more info on our Landlords Insurance page.

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