Public Liability Insurance

At Consolidated Insurance Brokers we specialise in Public Liability Insurance!

Public liability insurance provides your company financial protection against the legal costs involved in being sued.

If an accident resulting in property damage or injury to a third party should occur whilst you are providing your service, the affected party has the right to sue your business.

The legal fees you can incur in a lawsuit are often costly, and as the owner of a business, hence it is your responsibility to pay for any damage or injury your business inflicts.

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Public Liability Insurance

general liability insurance

Who needs Liability Insurance?

If you or your business interact with suppliers, customers, the general public or their property, then this insurance is essential.

These policies will keep your business afloat even under the strain of a lawsuit. Without liability insurance, businesses can easily go bust because of a single mistake.

Most importantly, CIB offer Liability Insurance from a range of the industry’s biggest and best providers. We can help you Get the right cover for your business.

We tailor our policies to match your needs and business format, and can add extra benefits such as:

  1. Additional protection for goods left in your care while you repair them
  2. Liability cover for work that subcontractors do on your behalf
  3. Cover for financial loss you cause due to malpractice, negligence or bad advice/service

Business Contents Insurance will cover you for damage to your building, contents or stock.

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