Public Liability Insurance

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What is Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance provides your company financial protection against legal costs in the event that someone injures themselves or damages their property whilst your business is providing a service to them. If an accident that results in the injury of a third party should occur whilst you are providing your service, the injured party has the right to sue your business. The legal fees that you can incur as a result of being sued are often costly, and as the owner of a business it is your responsibility to pay for the damages your business inflicted upon the injured third party.

Who needs Public Liability Insurance?

If you or your business interacts with suppliers, customers, the general public or their property, then Public Liability insurance can insure your business. To protect you and your business against this financial burden, public liability insurance exists and should be purchased by all business owners.
CIB offer Public Liability Insurance packages from a range of the industry’s biggest and best providers. This can be tailored to include modifications unique to your business or occupation – such as additional protection for goods left in your care while you repair them, or even for work that you direct subcontractors do for you.

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