Management Liability Insurance

At Consolidated Insurance Brokers we specialise in Management Liability Insurance!

What is Management Liability Insurance?

Management Liability is there to protect the business against some common internal threats. Management liability insurance includes a combination of several benefits, including but not limited to;
Directors & Officers Cover (to protect directors from being personally liable for the actions of the company)
Employment Practices Liability (to protect you against staff – or people you are looking to hire – taking you to court over discrimination / Fair Work / Unfair Dismissal etc)
Financial Deception (protection against employee’s committing crime such as fraud or embezzling money from you)
Statutory Liability (cover against government agencies imposing fines or penalties – e.g. breaches of OH&S)

So Who needs Manamgent Liability Insurance?

If you pay an annual fee to ASIC for company registration, or are a board member of a Not for Profit, you should consider employers liability insurance as a standard cost of the company. It’s that simple.

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