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Multimedia liability insurance is made to protect businesses in the media, marketing and advertising industries against legal action as a result of providing media-related services.

Media is an industry with major exposure to the general public, which means there is a high potential risk for litigation. Services included under this umbrella are:

  • publishing, broadcasting, communication, distribution and/or dissemination of content;
  • researching, investigating, acquiring, preparing, compiling, producing and/or editing content
  • licensing, syndication, serialisation, distribution, sale or lease of content, by or with the written permission of a multimedia organisation

multimedia liability insurance coverage for services

What does multimedia liability insurance typically cover?

Multimedia liability policies usually cover defamation actions, breaches of duty, breach of copyright, and false attribution of authorship. Media businesses that operate heavily with digital distribution or storage solutions are also recommended to take out cyber liability insurance to protect their stored media and data.

Business blog The Balance includes some great claim examples in their article “Does Your Business Need Media Liability Insurance?” (please bear in mind examples are based on American terminology and scenarios).

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