At Consolidated Insurance Brokers we specialise in My Farm Insurance

Your farm is often more than just a home or business, it’s a lifestyle. Let us help protect your assets with Farm Insurance.

Whether you need to insure your hobby farm or a major farming enterprise, we have wordings designed to meet your needs and protect your lifestyle.

The first element of a farm pack is the homestead, and any additional domestic buildings such as workers’ cottages.  As each farm varies, these covers are very flexible as we understand you might be living on the property, or you may be renting out a house or provide it as an accommodation benefit for a farm manager.  One thing to be aware of however is that flood cover is not commonly available on any farm home.

The second element is the farm property such as sheds, cattle yards and other fixtures and improvements such as fencing.  Certain structures may have special conditions on them by default – such as exclusions for storm damage to netting or shade cloth.  Understanding these limits on the policy are important to help you manage your risk and understand your exposure (or weigh up the cost of speciality cover to avoid these exclusions if these structures are critical to your operation).

Livestock, Crops and Stored Produce/Feed can also be insured – we just need you to explain to us a bit about your operations so we understand the risk and can consult with insurers to get these items covered.

Your Machinery and Vehicles can also be included with the farm insurers, or if the operation is significant, our commercial motor insurers may represent a more competitive option for us to quote for you.  We can also make sure your goods are insured in transit whether you’re the one carting them or not.

No matter which policy you take, we will ensure you have domestic liability for the homestead if you have a house on the farm, as well as business liability for the operation if you derive any income from it.  Explaining your full list of activities to your account manager is critical as we need to know both your primary producing activities as well as any extra operations you might undertake to ensure your liability covers you properly.  Extra operations might include a Bed & Breakfast, Market Stall or simply letting a school or scout group organize camping stays on your land.