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Personal insurance is what we call policies designed to cover you as an individual, or your personal belongings and assets. This includes home and contents, car insurance, life insurance, income protection, personal accident and sickness, travel insurance, and more types of coverage to protect different parts of your life.

At Consolidated Insurance Brokers we specialise in Personal Insurance

Home & Contents Insurance

Our Home and Contents policies provide excellent coverage and extras, making sure you have a safety net should things go wrong.

Not all Home Insurances are equal.  With a surge in new policies from supermarkets and TV advertising from direct insurers, it’s important to remember that insurance really is the type of product where you get what you pay for —  low prices usually mean low coverage of your risk.

We see your claims, your situation, your possessions, and we understand what you need.  You may tell us you do not think you want Accidental Damage cover, but we know this makes up 42% of our Contents claims so we set our minimum standards to do the right thing by you for your home.

All of our home policies include Flood cover. All of our home policies give cover for Accidental Damage and contents away from the home – even overseas.  You don’t need to specify valuables for us unless the value of the item or set is more than $10,000. Lose your $9,000 tennis bracelet overseas? Covered. Had your $7,500 Louis Vuitton bag stolen while travelling on business? Also covered.

You might not realise it, but your Home and Contents policy also gives you Personal Liability protection.  This Liability protection is as important for you as your business Liability is for your business – and unlike some of our direct competitors – it doesn’t have exclusions on it for things such as alcohol consumption. After all, what use is a home liability policy that won’t cover you if someone trips over after having a beer or wine at a BBQ?

Personal Motor Insurance & Caravan Insurance

If we’re looking after your business and home, we’d love to make life easier for you and properly insure your car and caravan too.  We can provide a No Claims Bonus protection, as well as a Windscreen Excess Waiver Benefit and a Hire Car Option for your vehicle.  For your caravan, we can offer cover for your Annexe and contents, and have options for Fusion cover also.

With the assistance of our claims manager, you’ll find less hassle in choosing a repairer and getting back on the road as quickly as possible after an accident.

Travel Insurance

If you’re travelling overseas, we can arrange a personal insurance travel policy for you or your family.  With customisable limits, and an explanation of what your policy covers – you’ll save money on buying extra cover “just in case” from places such as hire car companies.

If you’re heading away for longer than 180 days, then most standard travel policies will cease.  We have options available for expats on long term trips – just ask.

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