Vehicles, Trucks and Plant

Commercial Vehicles and Plant are treated a little bit differently to your average personal use car.

Commercial Vehicles may require cover for a range of accessories, items such as signwriting or permanent equipment that’s built into the vehicle for work.  If your vehicle is a truck, or has a carrying capacity greater than 2T, you will also need to start thinking about the radius you travel and consider driver declarations for employees to help protect your business.  You’re probably aware of license restrictions for drivers – but insurers may also require minimum experience or age requirements too.

Larger vehicles may not be eligible for windscreen options, and rather than a hire car benefit, we’ll look to provide lost profits if your truck is out of action due to an accident.  You may also need to consider insuring the goods you are transporting or the trailer you are towing – even if you do not own them.

Plant items are similar, but rather than just lost profits, you may require other financial protection such as the gap on a lease payout if the item is written off.  Cover may be for plant items you own, have hired from someone, or which you hire out yourself and can be extended to include extensions such as damage to lifted goods or machinery breakdown.

A combination of vehicles and plant may be packaged into a fleet for additional benefits.  Many of these benefits help make maintaining your fleet easier – for example, you may take an option to have simplified additions and deletions to vehicles as they change through the year, with a single bill or refund at renewal for the lot.