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Comparisons & Quotes

Looking for an insurance broker? Save yourself the painstaking time and stress of sorting through policies and comparing cover.

With an experienced Brisbane insurance broker, you’ll get more comprehensive cover and policies you know you can count on for protection.

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Claims Management

Ever made an insurance claim? If so, you know how frustrating it can be…

Our claims experts takes care of the whole process, so you can focus on more important things.

We keep insurers accountable and work to get you the best possible outcome when the worst occurs.​

Renewal Services

Insurers change the terms and coverage of their policies – often without you even noticing.

With us, you’ll get a clear breakdown of any changes to your policy and your policies will be re-quoted every year. 

All your options are presented to you, so you always have the best cover at the most competitive price. gif maker 2 | Consolidated Insurance Brokers

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We believe in empowering you by helping you understand how your insurance works and protects you. gif maker 3 | Consolidated Insurance Brokers
Insurance Explained

Top 15 Insurance Terms You Need to Know

Insurance can be a very confusing and complex subject. The “jargon” often used by companies will probably leave you with more questions than answers after reading your insurance gif maker e1639627482220 | Consolidated Insurance Brokers

Why Use an Insurance Broker?

There are many ways that you can buy protection in the form of insurance. We often hear things like: “Why use an insurance broker?” “What does an insurance

want to learn more? Confused by insurance?

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You’re not alone. Most people don’t their understand insurance. 

You deserve to understand when you are — and aren’t — covered by the policies you’re paying for, so you can make better decisions for business and life.

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