Does Commercial Property Insurance Cover Roof Leaks?

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Table of Contents
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As we deal with more storms and unpredictable weather patterns, property owners across the country are confronted with a crucial question: Does commercial property insurance cover the damages caused by roof leaks? We will explain the specifics of commercial property insurance coverage regarding roof leaks and explore the nuances, exceptions, and essential insights that property owners need.

Commercial Property Insurance has different sections of cover, allowing you to choose what you want to be covered for. As such, Commercial Property Insurance can cover roof leaks, however this is dependent on a few factors. In this blog article we will discuss in which cases you might be covered and what could cause your claim to be rejected.

One of the main factors that decides whether your insurance can cover your roof leak is the cause of the leak. To trigger a claim, you need to have damage that is caused by an insured event. This could be weather (e.g. storm) or accidental damage (someone walked on the roof and damaged it). Your insurance will not cover any roof leaks or damage which has occurred gradually over time, like wear & tear or gradual deterioration. Additionally, it won’t cover any damage that is caused by a defect in the building.

In the case of wear & tear or gradual deterioration, the insurer might pay the “resulting damage” (e.g. if water comes in and damages your contents). However, they will not pay to fix the actual roof. It is important to note that if you don’t fix the roof in a timely manner, any further claims for resulting damages will likely be declined too! An insurance policy is not a substitute for maintenance; and to trigger a claim under commercial property insurance, you need to have a claimable cause for the damage.

There are some things you can do to make sure your claims are more easily accepted. For example, showing you take active steps to maintain your building (e.g. contract to have gutters cleaned). By consistently inspecting and pro-actively repairing your building and maintaining detailed records specifically related to roof maintenance, repairs, and preventive actions, you significantly strengthen your position when filing a claim for roof leak damage. These proactive steps not only reduce risks but also provide crucial evidence supporting your claim to ensure a smoother claims process.

While commercial property insurance in Australia can provide cover for a range of risks, the coverage for roof leaks depends on policy specifics and the circumstances surrounding the damage. Regular policy reviews, clear understanding of coverage terms, and proactive maintenance can mitigate risks and ensure appropriate protection for your commercial property.

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