Personal Insurance

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Insuring your business protects its future and growth.

Growing a business is hard. It’s one of the most difficult, and enjoyable, experiences a person can have in life.

Part of being in business is facing different risks. Insurance helps protect from these — it can help you continue operating when something goes wrong.

Every business has very different needs from another. There are many products available, so you can choose to protect what’s most important to you.

Whether you want to protect your building or your professional advice, there’s a product to suit.

Personal Insurance

Heavy Vehicle
If you’re in heavy haulage, you need quality heavy vehicle insurance to protect your assets. We make getting 7 heavy vehicle insurance quotes fast, simple & easy
Management Liability
Management liability insurance is designed to protect the Directors and the company against financial losses in the event they are alleged to have not met their duties.
Consolidated Insurance Brokers provides reliable industrial building insurance in Australia. We get a range of industrial building insurance quotes. Contact us!
Need Liability Insurance Now
Need Liability Insurance Now? Business Insurance, Liability Insurance, Vehicle & Accident Insurance. We make getting insurance fast, simple and easy.
Public Liability
If you own a business, you need fit for purpose public liability insurance to protect your business. Consolidated Insurance Brokers make getting 9 public liability insurance quotes fast, simple and easy.
Tradies have unique risks compared to retail or office businesses. Protect yourself from the unexpected whether you’re on the road, or at the job-site with tradies insurance.
ICT Liability
What if someone sues you for loss or damage because of your advice or service? We make getting 5 ICT liability insurance quotes fast, simple and easy.
Tax Audit
As audits become more widespread, tax audit insurance will cover you for the expensive costs associated with being audited.
Warehouse Insurance
Whether you lease, own or rent the warehouse you will need a fit for purpose warehouse insurance policy which Consolidated Insurance Brokers will make sure protects your livelihood.

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